Ray-J " Paris gave me herpes"

published by Angella at 11/19/2007 01:45:00 PM


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LOL! I do not know how true this is, so therefore read this post at your own risk. While I was browsing around, I found this interesting post where it indicates that Man-Hoe Ray-J aka Brandy's little brother is supposeldy coming out with a new album titled Ray-J uncut. This album supposedly features several rap songs which he talks about his sexual prowess. Oh really? and last but not least, Ray-J claims that Paris Hilton gave him herpes. Beyond disgusting!Read the complete quote below:
Ray J has a new underground CD which is being described as a precursor to his upcoming album. The CD, “Ray J Uncut” is now being sold at the hip hop underground store Workmens on Melrose Avenue. It’s apparently a scandalous collection of raps in which he (above with Lil’ Kim) boasts about his sexual prowess and demeans women. He even goes so far and accuses Paris Hilton of giving him herpes! Can you imagine? I wonder what his sister Brandy thinks of this? What an embarrassment to the family he is.

What next?

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The Club Diva said...

Herpes...the gift that keeps on giving.....

Anonymous said...

This is biased reporting. I think Paris is the embarrassment to all people in general. And Im sure he's telling the truth b/c who would make such a claim. This is like the 10th time someone has linked Paris to Herpes. I think its pretty official that she's spreading it.

Anonymous said...

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