Jay-Z Covers Blender Magazine

published by Angella at 11/20/2007 05:08:00 PM


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Check out Beyonce's hubby aka Mr Hov on the latest edition of Blender Magazine. Check out a snippet from the interview after the cut and more.
It sounds like you’d never felt more alive. [Nods and raps] “I never felt more alive/Than ridin’ shotgun in Cline’s green five.” I said that on [The Black Album’s] “Allure.” Absolutely. Because every second of that time you’re on pins and needles. It’s like gambling — gambling every day. For the highest stakes. Do you gamble today? Yeah. But I can’t re-create the feeling. [Laughs] I wish. We hear you like to play the card game guts. What’s the most money you ever won or lost at it? Mmm … probably 100 some thousand dollars. Won or lost? Oh, no, I’ve never lost 100 thousand. I’ve maybe lost 30 thousand. I’m a pretty good gambler — a calculated-risk gambler. Do you bet on sports? I may bet on the Super Bowl. I’ve bet on that before. Anywhere between 30 and 50.{SOURCE}

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Latisha said...

OMG this site sucks, it takes too long to load, the articles are very old and you should steal from they really know how to write thats my favorite site ever!

Angella said...

LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is the first time I have ever heard something like that about this site! Bitch you are way!!!on that haterade *Laughs out loud* That's okay honey, You just confirmed to me that I should continue with this site. Stats are not bad :) Oh by the way how about you take your own advice and go steal from the link you provided..They might even sue your ass for stealing their shit.HEHE! Maybe it's someone from there posting it up *STILL LAUGHING* Have a happy thanksgiving little one

Angella said...

"the articles are very old"?!!!!!!!!!!!

*LAUGHS EVEN MORE* What the fuck kind of planet you live on?! LOL! See what I was saying about HOODRATS!

Keisha said...

angela you are too funny girl! you better go head and tell that bitch what's really good. lol! I had gone to the site link she gave which is supposed to be better than this site. Yo! that bitch needs an eye exam or even some grammar help. She is right about copying though because 98% of the posts on that site were copied and paste from sandra rose! Someone better let sandra rose know about this asap.Besides that go head girl do your thing,real bitches like me appreciates you. bye giegie

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