Diamond stalking Lil Scrappy follow-up!!

published by Angella at 11/08/2007 12:24:00 PM


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A couple days ago I had posted about Diamond from Crime Mob and her issues with her man or ex; Rapper Lil Scrappy. If you click here,Diamond and Lil Scrappy's baby mama Erica had allegedly gotten into it at a club in the A..Thanks to RBTF reader xxxxxxx who emailed twice with some interesting follow-up details.. the reader also mentions she will email me when he/she founds the name.

First Email from Reader:

I do know that Diamond threw a drink on Erica in the club so he broke up with her because she was so immature acting. Then she started stalking Scrappy and Erica, and speaking grimey about him in the street saying that he was a liar and phoney acting and that his daughter was a spoiled brat. But word from people in Scrappys camp is that he ain't even thinking about Diamond like that anymore and is spending his time with some new actress that came from either DC or MD. I can't remember her name and I don't think I seen her in anything before, but I heard she was with him at the studio not too long ago and a certain someone was like she a "10". LOL
Second Email :
"I was also told by a source in the camp that this new actress chick has visited him on tour a few times and that Scrappy will go off and spend a lot of time with just her. He said: I think he like this shawty alot."
uuum! actress hunh? don't you just wonder who that could be?

What next?

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Tyeshia said...

survey says this is her!!

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