On the Hush, Hush!

published by Angella at 6/17/2007 03:42:00 PM


The statements below does not contain any truth to them,unless stated otherwise by those individuals rep or theirselves.So Please do not take this seriuosly.

  • Paris' stalker a.k.a Nicole Richie is preggers!?
  • Flavor of Love, Hoopz dumb a$$'s is an official stripper! Duh! I even knew that

  • Beyonce's momma got slapped by a fan, back in April..
  • Mr. Teddy pender-a$$ down, is a slob on the knob Gay,Homo

What next?

2 representers:

onemsking said...

DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM! Now if Paris's Ma can get slapped like Beyonce's!!

Lanae said...

I seen a supposed video on wid beyoncez ma gettin slapped!

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