Let me Find out Ms.Rowland! oooh!

published by Angella at 6/08/2007 08:56:00 PM


This is too funny! Because this dude reminds me of my 12yr old nephew;Fredrick. He also look like a Fredrick. right? LOL! Well in case you were wondering who the f*** is this.
Meet Kieran Richardson. A soccer player and supposedly Kelly Rowland's new man! Hunh?! I know, I know. Hope they don't come after her with rape charges. I like her. Like my little homie Shennele says "I kid,I kid,I joke-e" *wink* Told y'all I was gonna bounce like this!

What next?

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Lisa said...

I know know soccer is very popular here,in Europe..he is a midfielder of Manchester utd..he's not one of the best and doesn't play very often..and,in my opinion,he's not very nice..Kelly deserves more!! :D Love is blind.

Angella said...

I did not know him.. he looks italine

Angella said...

I mean italien hehe! I love italien men's look just not his

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