The Tiny Fan Page(s) Bullshit!

published by Angella at 6/11/2007 03:21:00 PM


For all the readers who visit this blog mostly comes from Tameka"Tiny"Cottle Fan page that I started online for her. Others from blogs who've showed me love and internet search engines. Let me start off by saing THAN YOU for showing Tiny's fan page, forumn and this blog love! I love you guys for that.
Now this issue has been hapening for a while now on/off. Some of you know I'm straight forward with my shit, so I'm not going to beat around the bushes anymore. I tried my BEST to be a nice person and understanding but damn! that shit backfired like a muthafucka. I think it's pretty fair to say that a small portion of you might know or being added to Tiny and Tip new fan page made by ms,Saphire not too long ago. I respect that page because it's in favor of supporting Tiny. Which you should already know I am a big fan of lil mama. Not too long ago three fans messaged me via Tiny's fan page and told me they felt like my style was being stolen and whatnot. So I looked into it right. As it turns out I felt that also! So I spoke to msSaphire and told her about via email. We were kind of on a loose rock, but being that her focus is ny focus concerning Tiny. So I made ammends and even sign up for the forumn that she just had for the fan page. Oh! Don't forget to Register for Tiny's official fan Forumn.
Now I thought that was the end. Found out,the chick ain't changed! She's a damn fucking biter! I peeped how she just constanly copy off people ways and style. Including Mines! Which is excatly why I'm posting this damn thing. She stops by here also, so I'm not going to email her about that anymore. Just put it out there openly, if she can copy people's shit openly:) I Wouldn't be shocked if she make a post about it also, damn puppet! I'm not goign to put her link pages, it's not an honor to. Because that's a follower, and a wise person told me once, be a leader and have no repsect for the follower. With that said.....

I just wanted to make sure and let you all know what's really hood and what's really good. So when of if you ever stuble accross her pages, come by here or stop by Tiny's fan page and you'll see where the "biting" appears.Oh hell even pages lol! Someone did put that up on the xscape2xscape forum not too long ago. The person's exact quote to Sahpire was "why are you copying off of msinfo? it looks like you tried to be like her, why don't you be different. she had xscape sightings first then you come with tip and tiny sightings. be yourself. " by a guest Check the link for yourself You might think this is corny, but when you're putting stuff and people keep stealing your ways(shout-out boxes,page styles,rss feed readers and all that good stuff) Which I just put up and not being able to come up with their own. It's both a pleasure and a damn curse. But In my case it's all pleasure if I'm getting mimicked. Don't you agree? I dare someone to tell me different about this situatuion. Because you know you'd be a damn liar! That's exactly why I'm coming straigh forward with the Fans. So shit won't get twisted you dig?

EDIT 6-17-07

I'm not "bitchin" because of pictures, yes I know ms. Info had lots of pics of Tip and Tiny on xscape2xscape pages. You don't have to tell me that. I've being on that website for a year now. I have eyes. What I was saying is S***** came on my blog straight disrespeting me, talking about I don't own pictures. Duh! Bitch I know that. but at the same time I'm aware of lots of pics that you have never seen. A Fan said that to me in the shout-out box. Before coming at me talking smack, ask me first little girl. That's all I'm saying. I can't even beleive this shit is happening. But don't think I'm going to run away from it. I'm a say my damn 2cents. Even if you like it or not. I don't give a damn. whoever you are, or whatever bitching you think I'm doing. K Do you think if that broad has stay the fuck off my damn site or let me the fuck alone. I would even be writing this right? NOPE! I'm going to leave this up here for a couple of days, so dumbasses can make sense of it.

What next?

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Lisa said...

I didn't understand the situation very well..but you have my support! :D sorry for bad English..kisses from Italy.

Shaina said...

Dang! Keep it real, Angella.

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