Beyonce and Jay still on Vacation

published by Angella at 6/14/2007 02:45:00 PM


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Recent pics from Jay and Beyonce vacation. You know I have to elaborate on the cmt about the little boy. In the way I see and trust me. You can't tell me different. That is the little boy that blogs were going on about. I think some people might be denying it that,because they have this hating disease against Beyonce. Imean you go and create a website,Dam! Look how she's close to that little boy. They just don't want to admit that. The truth is you don't know what the heel goes on in they're lives. Hearing from other people, executives...sources ect.. and all that bullshit don't mean shit! sorry.

What next?

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Shaina said...

I love Jayonce together ... I'm going to the Beyonce concert in August when she comes to The Bean. And that little boy is not Jay's rumored child; it's the son of one of Jay's best friends (who's also on the yacht).

Angella said...

Best take some pics for me if I don't make it :)

shaina said...

most def ... if i can sneak in with a camera ... security be buggin sometimes!

Julanda m Howard said...

Hey i love jay-z and beyonce. I think they will make a good couple. Rumore has it that they will be getting married soon. They need to go ahead and do what they have to do. Hey angella i cant log on Tiny fan club page....this is jewels, i'm a ting me

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